Kallam Grove’s Local and Foreign Missions


A guiding principle of Kallam Grove’s Board of Missions is Jesus’ commandment stated in Matthew 22:39 to love thy neighbor as thyself. Our goal is to serve our local communities by supporting local service organizations that provide services to the underserved in western Rockingham County. 

Part of what we see as our commitment to Christ’s service is to provide out of what God has given to us, for the needs of those in our local community and in the world at large. In Matthew 25: 40, Jesus said that any assistance given to our needy brothers and sisters will be the same as doing it for Jesus.


The past 2 years of Kallam Grove’s Missions projects are listed on the tabs presented below. Click on a tab for the year’s listing.


2017 Mission Projects:

  • Serve a meal at the Soup Kitchen of Reidsville at least 4 times a year.
  • Assist the Salvation Army by restocking commodity shelves and by ringing the bell at least one day at Mayodan’s Walmart during their Christmas drive.
  • Provide labor for Hands of God Ministry as needed in 2 hour blocks of time with stocking shelves or distributing supplies to families.
  • Mail “Thinking- of-You” cards to our college students on their birthdays, on other special occasions, and on a once-a-month basis. The cards include a gift of money.
  • Prepare and deliver meals for when needed congregational members for any reason .
  • Collect and donate cold weather items to shelters.
  • Assist Lot 2540, a local benevolent mission, with labor and supplies.
  • Send used Christmas and All-Occasion cards to St Jude’s Hospital as a donation.
  • Provide money to organizations like Hospice of Rockingham County, Salvation Army, Domestic Abuse, Samaritan’s Purse, and to individuals in need upon request.
  • Assist with Operation In As Much to find a family needing assistance with any project at home.
  • Assist with World Changers 2017 to find families needing assistance with any project at home.
  • Collect paper products for Hands of God Ministry.
  • Sponsor and direct the annual Souper Bowl  Sunday fellowship and mission collection  event for the  Kallam Grove congregation.
  • Provide assistance to school teachers in securing school supplies for their students.
  • Begin a Box Tops for Education collection program to benefit our local schools.



Completed 2016 Mission Projects:

  1. Collected and mailed over 3000 greeting cards to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  2. Provided meals to KG members and friends of KG who experienced hospitalization or suffered bereavement.
  3. The Mission board selected, as an on-going mission project, the Hands of God Ministry – a combined ministry of several local churches. Donations included month-long collections of paper goods, and non-perishable food items as well as a monetary donation. Later, we begin attending the bi-monthly meetings of the ministry as a sponsoring member and donated 80 pounds of frozen chicken to be provided to ministry recipients.  KG volunteers participated in a Hands of God Food Pantry training session prior to working in their food pantry and now assist in the preparation and dissemination of food baskets to the needy.
  4. Three times this year, 29 KG members volunteered to assist the Salvation Army by stocking the shelves of their food pantry.
  5. KG college students are remembered each month from September through April with a “thinking-of-you” card and $5 as a reminder of our prayers for them while at college.
  6. Our board of missions scheduled monthly visits to members unable to attend church for extended periods of time.
  7. Provided Jacobs Creek Nursing Home with items for Bingo Prizes.
  8. Paid the monthly electric bill for a community resident in need.
  9. In January, KG volunteers served three Saturdays at Reidsville’s Soup Kitchen. In the spring, KG volunteers worked at the Soup Kitchen preparing, cooking, and freezing chicken pot pies, chicken pies, corn pudding and sweet potato casseroles.
  10. In January, the Mission board sponsored our 2nd annual SOUPER BOWl SUNDAY, a soup and sandwich lunch fellowship, and collected over $2000 to assist with the rebuilding of a local church that burned.
  11. As a summer mission project, the Board of Missions is conducting a Shoe Drive for Soles4Souls from June through September.
  12. Donated monies to the HELP for the HOMELESS in western Rockingham County, to Camp Carefree, to The Children of Zion Church – a homeless mission in Winston-Salem, to the Barry Joyce Local Cancer Resource Center, and to Hospice of Rockingham County.



Anyone wishing to contribute to the Mission Programs of Kallam Grove Christian Church can make monetary contributions to: