What To Expect


We have all been new at one time or another and remember how tense andAerial_What2Xpect maybe unsure we felt as we entered into unfamiliar territory. The intent of this section of our web site is to help inform you about what to expect when you come to Kallam Grove for the first time. You can enter the church driveway on the east side just below the church. The aerial photo shows this entrance. You may park in any vacant space, but there are two visitor parking spaces near the front on the west side of the church. (Visitor spaces are shaded light yellow in the aerial photo; handicapped spaces are shaded blue.)(Photo 1& Photo 2)





There is a wheelchair access-ramp located in an alcove to the right of the sanctuary and left of the fellowship hall. (Photo 3) A door on the left immediately inside of this access-ramp entrance leads into the sanctuary. Turning down the hallway on the right leads to two restrooms on the left side of the hallway. The first room on the right of this hallway is the nursery. There will be attendants on duty in the nursery if you have small children and wish to have them remain in the nursery while you attend the worship service. (Photo 4)


If you choose to enter the church by the main entrance, you will enter into a small vestibule where one or more greeters will meet you, welcome you to our church, provide you with a bulletin, and help you to find a seat.  Before the service begins, you can expect many church members to speak to you and to welcome you to our church.  Unless he is needed elsewhere, our pastor might well tap you on the shoulder before worship as he visits from pew to pew!