When asked for the personal story behind the song Is He Worthy, Andrew said: I first wrote all the verses with the questions and the responses but had no ideas about how to write the chorus. I remembered how in Revelation 5 this wonderful scene unfolds where John is looking around and realizing that nobody can be found worthy to break the seal and open the scroll and to ascend to the Throne. He is weeping loudly because there is nobody worthy to do this thing. He is told, “Do not weep! Behold there is someone Who is worthy.” John’s story in Revelation provided the inspiration for completing the song with the questions and answers format. In Revelation, a mighty angel in a loud voice asked ,”Is there anyone worthy?” And then thousands upon thousands of angels , the 24 elders, and all living creatures answer about the power of Jesus, “He is.”

The message in Revelation is something to remember and rest upon. In any situation, God will make a way for His children. As we look at the fallen world around us, we all need to lift our eyes up to God and put all our faith and hope in Him. For the saved In Christ, one day “God will wipe away every tear, there will be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.” What an exciting thought that all suffering and hurt will be left behind, and one day glory will be revealed in us through Christ. For the believer, for eternity we will be singing “Is He worthy? Of all blessing and honor and glory, is He worthy? Is He worthy of this? He is!” Amen to that!  (material taken from a blog by Kevin Davis describing his Peterson interview)