We reach out to minister to the spiritual and social needs of our members through educational teachings in Church Schools, through our Media Center offerings, and through planned outings and fellowship events.

We reach out to our local community and the world through our web presence, our Board of Christian Service and Missions, and the denominational outreach of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Available Ministries

Children – H.O.T. Shots

Children’s Ministries mentors children from birth to know, love and follow Jesus Christ, and to help their families become deeply committed Christians.


The Youth Ministry at Kallam Grove Christian Church exists to provide a resource for parents and teens in the midst of their personal walks with God, helping them to Love God and People, to Learn about Faith and Life, and to learn what it means to Live like Christ.


We are committed to equipping adults with authentic, challenging education about Christ, His Church, and His teachings.


Our Missions Ministry develops deeply committed Christians by sending members of our congregation into our community, denomination and world to make disciples and serve others in ways that honor God, share Christ, transform lives and promote justice.

Rev. Charles R. Vaughan Media Center

Our Media Center Ministry seeks to provide members with various forms of media as resources to assist them in their personal spiritual walk and for the edification of their families in providing wholesome entertainment .