Welcome to the Kallam Grove Media Center Web Page. We hope you will come here often to browse the materials that are contained in the Media Center and reported in the Data Base file available below. You may search the file by title or by author to find if the material you wish to use is part of the inventory. If you find what you want, you will see where in the media center to locate it by checking under the location column. If the material you want is not listed, please send a message to the Media Center Committee requesting the material. It can usually be obtained in about a week. Be sure to provide the title, author, and the publisher, if known.

Members of the Media Committee:  Angie Martin(Chair), Rosa Allen, Ann Braxton, Ivie Ellington, Betty Green, and Penny Barham.

Media Center Database:

The Media Center maintains two media files; one is arranged alphabetically by Author, the other alphabetically by Title. Choose the file to look at by clicking the link below.


Media File alphabetic by Author        Media File alphabetic by Title