Rev. Charles R. Vaughan Media Center



Welcome to the Kallam Grove Media Center Web Page. We hope you will come here often to browse the materials contained in the Media Center. A newly added computer app allows media center users to browse our relational Data Base file to find media items of interest. In addition, the app will indicate on which shelf in the media center the item is located. If the media item is currently checked-out, users can submit a reservation request and Media Center administrators will notify the user when it gets returned to the media center.

A PDF of our full inventory of media items is available by clicking the link : Full Inventory 

The arrangement of the listings in the PDF is by shelf location, then by category, then alphabetically by author. If for example you’re interested in adult fiction titles, scroll down until you see ‘fiction’ listings starting  in shelf location 2b (the listings for ‘fiction’ begin on page 9 of the PDF).