Everyone has reasons for doing the things they do. The Lord Jesus has called those who follow Him to make disciples and to be witnesses for the truth of the gospel amidst an increasingly dark world devoid of truth. Here at the Kallam Grove Youth Ministry we take the charge to make disciples and witness for Jesus very seriously. Accordingly, we have defined a very specific purpose for all of what we do:

The Youth Ministry at Kallam Grove Christian Church exists to provide a resource for parents and teens in the midst of their personal walks with God, helping them to LOVE God and people, to LEARN about faith and life, and to learn what it means to LIVE like Christ.

Additionally, the Kallam Grove Youth Ministry designs programs and activities to not only fulfill the mission of Christianity and orient students towards Christ, but also instill values in those who attend Youth Events. Living a God Centered Life, fostering Godly relationships, Loving others through service, growing in spiritual maturity, remaining faithful to Christ, encouraging one another, defending the Christian faith, and treating others with respect—these are all qualities that we work to instill and develop in students.

Love, Learn, and Live!

So what exactly does the Kallam Grove Youth Ministry do? We’re glad you asked! “Love, Learn, Live” is what the Youth Ministry at Kallam Grove is all about—everything is about Loving God and People, Learning about Faith and Life, and Living like Christ.

Love God and People

Youth Group meetings are the primary student event for the Kallam Grove Youth Ministry, Meetings are designed to promote student fellowship, growth, and worship. During youth group we talk about practical ethics and how we should live as Christians in the context of our lives. Youth group typically meets at Kallam Grove Christian Church in the Youth Room Sunday afternoons at 4 PM.

Youth Events are designed to be welcoming for guests and to encourage student fellowship at off-site activities. Examples of events include student retreats, all-nighters, movie nights, and other fellowship events. Keep an eye on the calendar and bulletin for dates/times for these events!

Youth_Slogan                                 Learn About Faith and Life

Sunday School functions as the primary teaching time for students at Kallam Grove. Teaching focuses on the development of a Christian worldview, Biblical literacy, and theological education. Sunday school is designed to inform and equip students with Biblical and critical capabilities to understand and share their faith with others. Sunday school meets every Sunday at 10 AM in the Youth Room.

Community Groups are monthly meetings that focus on contemporary guys and girls issues, especially as they relate to discipleship and leadership development. Community Groups foster student accountability and spiritual growth that simply cannot be discussed in larger group settings. Check the calendar and bulletin for times/dates of Community Group meetings.

                                            Live Like Christ

Reach Out events are service-focused events that show love to the families and communities in the Kallam Grove area. Reach Out events are designed to provide students with active service opportunities and to push them outside of their comfort zones. Check the calendar and bulletin for Reach Out Events!

Short-term Mission Trips provide students with opportunities to evangelize, serve, worship, lead, and engage in heart-to-heart fellowship that standard youth events simply cannot match. Trips are not an antidote to spiritual lethargy, but they are an excellent method for kick-starting youth involvement and growth in love and service.

Come join us! We hope to see you soon at Kallam Grove!