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 Adam and Eve


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    This is a quiz on the story of Adam and Eve recorded in Genesis 3 and 4. Read the story first, then answer the following questions. By default, the first response for each question has been pre-selected; be sure to change them to reflect your answer before submitting the quiz for grading.

    1.) Why did Adam call his wife Eve?
    She was first born among womenShe was the mother of all peopleShe was a help meet fit for himShe was made from a rib taken out of man

    2.) What kind of leaves did Adam and Eve use in an attempt to cover their nakedness?

    3.) After Adam and Eve sinned, what did God make for them?
    A garment of fig leavesClothing made from the dust of the earthGarments of skinsA loincloth of pure linen

    4.) What kept Adam and Eve from returning to the Garden of Eden?
    Cherubim with a flaming swordAn angel with a fiery spearCherubim with a double edged swordAn archangel with a scroll

    5.) How many children did Adam and Eve have?
    234More than 4

    6.) Who was Adam and Eve's first son?

    7.) Which of Adam and Eve's sons was 'a keeper of sheep'?

    8.) Which of Adam and Eve's sons was 'a tiller of the ground'?

    9.) What son did Eve say God gave her in place of Abel?

    10.) How many years did Adam live?