Jason Mosteller, leader of Carrollton, and author of the song “Tell Me” says the song was one of the hardest they had ever put on an album because the members failed to ‘claim’ the song – it was not their personal prayer.

Jason says Carrollton tries to write songs they feel they need to sing and “Tell Me” slowly became that kind of song for them.  The song speaks of the struggle for identity, for knowing exactly who we are as children of God. Jason now claims the song as his personal prayer as he asks Jesus for answers to the question of who he, Jason, is as a person striving to live a life pleasing to the creator.

In the song’s lyrics we hear the prayer: ”Jesus tell me that I am loved, that You know who I am and that You died for me. Tell me You still have a plan for my life and when I start to forget remind me of who I am. You always know what my heart needs. You have the power to heal all the hurt I hold inside. When You speak Your truth, Lord, You bring my heart back to life and I know I am not alone. So Jesus, when I falter, when I lose confidence in who I am, remind me. Tell me I am loved; tell me I’m Your child.

The images chosen for this video demonstrate that the earth is radiantly alive with Jesus’ presence. Shimmering sunshine awakens our hearts and reminds us that He is the light of the world. The beauty of flowers, trees, mountains and skies cause us to be awed by the beauty of His creation of which we are an important part.  After hearing this upbeat song you’ll surely want to add your “amen” at the end.