Nigerian gospel singer and worship leader, Sinach, wrote and originally recorded “Way Maker” in 2015. It was an immense success in her home country, and in March 2019, the song’s YouTube video reached 100 million views, making Sinach the third Nigerian singer to accomplish the feat.
The verses in this song are a lyrical picture of the definition of what worship is: Our Response to God’s Revelation. “You are here moving in our midst” is a revelation from God that his people are recognizing. “I worship You” is our response to his working. Revelation: “You are here working in this place” and Response: “I worship You.” Throughout this song there is this depiction of what worship is theologically that manifests itself in the verses. One is literally singing the theology of worship while worshiping.
The song has literally become the Go-To Comfort song during the global pandemic and was chosen as the 2020 Song of the Year at the 51st Annual GMA Dove Awards.